Healing Testimonials

"I've had many wonderful sessions with Amy. She is kind, gentle and attentive to serving your individual needs. She combines various modalities including Reiki, crystal therapy, chakra balancing, sound and pranic healing. I always leave each session feeling great, experiencing a deep sense of relaxation and well-being." -Danielle

"I had pulled my groin while playing soccer - I had to limp when I walked and was in tremendous pain. Amy did some of her magical healing, and believe it or not, after about 30 minutes the pain was gone! The relief continued and my groin is completely healed. I think the healing happens much faster & more efficiently if people are in a place of belief, and truly allowing the healing to take place. I am so grateful to Amy for her healing and I recommend her to everyone!" -Chris

"Amy is a natural at her craft. She is a master at assisting me in my own energy management and a student of her trades and constantly learning. She has a variety of 'tools' including: Reiki, sound therapy, crystals, and more. All of which was new to me. After a few sessions with her, Amy helped me release pent up energy, become more disconnected from unwanted stressors and more aware of when I needed a session with her rather than living longer with tension. I always feel more relaxed and grounded after a session with Amy!" -Lorin