Amy Epstein

Certified Integral Yoga Institute Instructor and Healer, Amy Epstein, is a highly skilled yoga and wellness specialist. What makes her unique and distinguishes her from others in her field of expertise is that Amy brings mindfulness, calling forth the energy of the poses that one needs at that time in her/his life. Amy does this while at the same time bringing levity to create a fun, powerful, and life-changing experience.

It took only a few yoga classes back in 1998 for Amy to realize that her constant "to do" list was getting in the way of what she really wanted to do...enjoy her life. An avid over-achiever, Amy accomplished a lot and was proud of those accomplishments, but along the way she realized she spent most of her time “thinking, planning, and creating” and very little time being present with the creations that she worked so hard for. She realized that she needed to "practice" letting herself enjoy the magnificent life she was creating. Yoga was where she developed this practice. The best part was that it provided the ultimate in multi-tasking; she got to improve her physical, mental, and emotional health all in one shot!!!

Amy’s love for yoga grew as the practice not only helped her gain strength and flexibility on the mat but also started to transform her life off the mat in a number of positive ways. Amy noticed that she was not only becoming flexible in her body, but also in her mind. She was able to accept and handle life’s challenges with grace and peace. Yoga made everything in life better, richer, and more fulfilling. The awareness Amy learned to cultivate on the yoga mat flowed over into her daily life, as she became aware and present to the joy and beauty all around.