Feel Good.  Be Happy.

Embody Wellness Now

~ San Diego, CA ~

A different kind of Yoga and Wellness tailored just for you... because life is too short!


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Welcome to Embody Wellness Now. If pain, stress, or boredom is sucking the energy out of your life OR if you simply are looking for more joy, energy, and peace, then you've come to the right place! Our mission is to help people FEEL GOOD and BE HAPPY---NOW!!!

Join certified yoga teacher and healer Amy Epstein, and the EWN team, in guiding you or your company to a new way of well being, through the masterful art of PRIVATE & CORPORATE YOGA, HEALING (Reiki, Massage, etc) & WELLNESS COACHING

  • Nurture Your Body - Have an exercise routine you enjoy as much as your favorite food!

  • Quiet Your Mind - Stop thinking about life and start living it!

  • Indulge Your Spirit - enhance your creativity, increase productivity, live inspired!


GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT Of Yoga, Healing, & Wellness!

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Phone: 858-333-6459
Email: amy@embodywellnessnow.com

~ San Diego, CA ~